There is a big importance to the opening moves of the game. If you choose different opening moves, than the ones the experts in this game suggested, you are reducing your chances to win the game. The preferable opening moves were all chosen by experts who studied backgammon for years, so you can trust on their advices.

Obviously playing the recommended opening moves will not secure your winning, unless you won’t continue to play a smart game, no good opening move can bring you a sure win, but it will definitely help you game, and a smart backgammon player should memorize it in order to maximize his odds.

Here is a list of the best opening moves:


When you get this dice result, just run a back checker all the way. You won’t leave any exposed blots and you start with the race towards the goal.


You can either make a two-point or you can run back a checker all the way to the 14-point.


Again, you can either run a checker all the way to the 24-point or you can it to the next player’s bar-point.


In this case you can either run all the way or run to the bar and bring one checker down.


In this case the most reasonable thing to do is to make a bar-point (also called seven-point) which is the 2nd most important point. Any other move will leave single checkers on a point, a thing that makes them exposed.


Bring one checker down, or move one up.


There is a bit of debate on how to play this. Some people think that the most important opening move in this case is to make a three-point but some question this because it has problems with the future moves. We suggest on a three-point move.


Bring two checkers down or move a back checker two spaces and bring only one down.


Bring one down and slot a five-point will be the most reasonalbe opening move in this case.


There are quite a few possible good moves in this case, but the most common one is to move up three back points and to bring the four down from the mid-point.


The most smart opening move in this case is to make a four-point in order not to leave exposed blots.


Bring one down and slot a five-point.


When you have this dice result, the most important thing that you can start with is by doing a five point, that is a point, on the five.


Lots of possible opening moves in here too, but the best thing is to bring a back checker


The best opening move is to split the back checkers and to slot the five-point.

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