It took me awhile to get used to the fact in this game that I can move the runes around to get my three matching colors into a diamond (which you need because that’s how they attack, you simply need to click the diamond) and that I can combo those with other diamond colors (as long as they are on any of the lines above/below and left/right of the diamond shaped color). Then, after playing for a second time for free, I finally figured out that I can even move my enemy runes (when they reach your character, the enemy attacks the heroes) away from my characters if there’s no other runes blocking it. Helped me stall for some beastly combos. I was also baffled at first what the star runes were after defeating each enemies. I learned from the tutorial that it was for experiences but I didn’t know they also unlock skills! Each heroes have their own unique skills that definitely helped me build a better strategy. To know what skills each heroes have, just check out the bestiary 🙂

Be sure to use your skills wisely and try to get as much experience you can get for each heroes to activate the skills (the colored stars matching at the end of each defeated monsters)

So much crashing and burning..

I initially thought all I had to do was match all 3 of the same colors and it would combo, kick ass, and be BAU5 but I was wrong. Even now, I always die by the time I hit the boss. Also, Im not afraid to admit, because the runes (those circles, skulls, symbols, etc) weren’t moving that fast, I thought it would be cake. But no, I found myself having to scheme through the whole screen really fast and plan ahead, I was forced to sacrifice some attacks to stall the enemy runes from hitting my heroes by clicking and dragging them next to the runes that I pre-grouped by each other so that I can do combos and what not.